Saturday, 26 July 2014

List of Affilaited Colleges and Courses Under Calicut University

List of Affilaited Colleges and Courses Under Calicut University

CUSAT B.Tech Eighth Semester Examination Notification

Cusat Btech 8th semester Exam notification

Friday, 25 July 2014

Eighth Semester B.Tech (Restructured Part-time-2010) Degree Examination April 2014 (2008 Scheme)

Not to be Published before 22.07.2014
The following is the provisional list of successful candidates at the Eighth
Semester B.Tech Degree (Restructured Part-time-2010) 2008 scheme Examinations in
Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science
and Engineering Branches held in April 2014. The result of those candidates who have
not cleared their MFR/Recognition are withheld. The grade sheets of other candidates
will be sent to the respective centre of Examination latest by 05.08.2014.
The result of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Branch will be published
later. The last date for submitting application for revaluation/scrutiny will be

Monday, 9 June 2014

Keral University B.Tech Computer Science 2008 Scheme Eigth Semester Mobile and Wireless Networks (Elective-iii) Previous Question

Eigth Semester B.Tech. Degree Examination, April 2014
(2008 Scheme)

Answer all questions.Each qestion carries 4 marks.
  1. What are the main problems of signal propagation?
  2. Who performs MAC algorithm for SDMA? Whatcould be possible roles of mobile stations, bus stations and planning from the network provider ?
  3. What are benefits and disadvantages of reservation schemes?
  4. Which type of different services does GSM offer? Give some examples and reasons why these services have been separated?
  5. What are typical data rates in DECT? How are they achieved considering the TDMA frames?
  6. How do inclination and elevation determine the use of a satellite?
  7. Why is the PHY layer in IEEE 802.11 subdivided? What about HiperLAN2 and Bluetooth?
  8. How does registration on layer 3 of a mobile node work?
  9. What are general problems of mobile IP regarding security and support of quality of service?
  10. How can DHCP be used for mobility and support of mobile IP?